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Walcarius, a specialist in metal construction and industrial tolerance, is based in Mouscron, Belgium. Its team listens to you and advises you to find solutions to all your projects.
Certified EN1090-2, the company realizes and installs all types of welded constructions. In its workshops, it also carries out the cutting and folding of sheets of large sizes.
Walcarius by its professionalism allows you to achieve achievements in metallic structures of the most reliable.
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A dynamic, versatile team that is divided into an engineering office, where engineers and technicians design the structures and in a workshop that carries out and conscientiously builds projects.
Team spirit gives the fundamental values of the company Walcarius.


Francis Walcarius
Francis Walcarius
Philippe Walcarius
Philippe Walcarius


Adapted solutions,
to ambitious projects

Since 1973…

2016 :

  • Obtaining the EN1090 standard, CE marking of parts forming a structure or a metal together after performing controls according to the established procedures. This also enables the traceability of materials used.

2015 :

  • Vasseur office integration specialist in the complete study of stability, feasibility, but also in energy advice for all projects.

2014 :

  • Obtaining Agréation Class 4, subcategory Flounder Class 5, Class F, Subclass F2. This allows us to participate in public works contracts to a value of 900,000 € for the assembly and disassembly work (without supplies), and to a value of € 1,810,000 for the manufacture of metal construction .

2012 :

  • A new press brake CNC (pressure 800T) allows us to bend sheets up to 7m long.
  • Acquisition of a rotary telehandler for our installation team.

2011 :

  • Installing a paint booth that allows us to deliver finished products. The surface treatment is therefore now within our business, increasing our autonomy and reduces production time.

2010 :

  • Acquisition of a new laser cutting machine to expand the range of products (thicker sheet metal cutting: up to 25mm steel and stainless steel) also to increase productivity and ensure better quality cutting in stainless steel and aluminum.

2008−2010 :

  • Moving the operating headquarters and headquarters in order to comply with environmental standards , improve productivity, have the potential for further expansions.
  • Acquisition of a new laser cutting machine to expand the range of products ( thicker sheet metal cutting : up to 25mm (steel, stainless steel) , also in order to increase productivity and ensure better quality cutting in stainless steel and aluminum .
  • Acquisition of a painting booth to improve the finish of our products.

2007 :

  • Our turnover is as follows :
    • The metal frames are +/- 45 %, half are placed by us.
    • Sheet metal , cutting, bending, welding , sheet metal processing … represent +/- 40 %.
    • Manufacture of stairs and railings for individuals, hospitals and administrations : +/- 15%
  • Obtaining Agréation Class 4 for the production of metallic elements (installation ) cat F2 to a value of 900.000 , – €
  • Obtaining Agréation Class 2 for assembly and disassembly of metal assemblies cat F1 to a value of 275.000 , – €

2004− 2005 :

  • New 3D software for structural steel . In order to improve the autonomy and productivity with designs software link to machine control

2001 :

  • Investment in line sawing – drilling for market development of the framework.

1999 :

  • Acquisition of a second laser cutting machine + folder to expand the market of sheet metal .

1997 :

  • Acquiring a digital press brake for bending parts laser cut .

1995 :

  • Acquisition of a laser cutting machine sheets 6m x 2m and development of an activity sheet metal and stainless steel .

1973 :

  • Company founded by Albert and Sabine Walcarius Lanssens : welding shop and work mechanical.Travaux for local industries : gangways , shelves ….
  • Developments in the field of metal structure

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